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Work Leading up to the Regional Homelessness Authority

Leading the Way

King County, City of Seattle and All Home are leading an effort to define and design a unified Regional Homelessness Authority. This work is coordinated in partnership with people with lived experience of homelessness, homeless advocates, housing and service providers, Sound Cities Association (SCA) members, and local business and philanthropy.

The effort is seeking to address the fragmentation that currently exists, which diminishes the effectiveness of homelessness-related funding, service delivery and system performance.

Most importantly, the redesign is meant to improve outcomes for people experiencing homelessness. It will accomplish this by placing persons experiencing homelessness at the center of the system design. Improving the system also means eliminating the racial disproportionalities that currently exist. 

Four Key Products Under Development

  1. Inter-local Agreement and Charter for the Regional Authority
  2. Equity-based Decision-making Framework
  3. Minimum Viable Process for the Regional Authority
  4. Regional Action Plan
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